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How Serious is Shoplifting?

Posted on July 9, 2015 by Mintzer Law

Shoplifting in Texas Shoplifting is a fairly common crime. Compared to other offenses, this one may seem like a relatively minor criminal charge. In reality, the penalties for shoplifting can be serious. Being convicted for this offense can lead to fines, probation, restitution payments and being banned from certain properties. Repeated offenses or shoplifting high-value items can even lead to time behind bars. What Is Shoplifting? Shoplifting is...

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Escape Identity Theft Charges with These Defense Strategies

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Because of the harm identity theft can inflict upon a victim, Texas is similar to other states in treating it as a serious criminal offense. Identity theft in Texas can be prosecuted as a state jail felony all the way up to a felony of the first degree depending upon the circumstances of the offense. Prosecutor's Advantage The laws give a slight edge to prosecutors by creating...

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2 Crazy Robbery Stories You Need to Read to Believe

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Robbery is a serious criminal offense in the United States. What sets robbery apart from other theft crimes in which money or property are taken from their owner, is the robber's use or threatened use of force and violence. Texas is among states that designate robbery as a serious felony offense subject to penalties including lengthy prison sentences. Modern history is filled with reports of robbery...

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The Real Life “Oceans 11″ Gambling Scheme

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Mintzer Law

A real-life team of about 50 casino dealers and players almost succeeded in pulling off a scheme to rival the plot of the movie, “Ocean’s 11.” Unlike the movie plot where one casino was the target, the real-life hustlers hit 19 casinos around the country for $7 million according to estimates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The end of the scheme came when the organizer...

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Am I Going to Jail for Committing Theft?

Posted on April 15, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Theft under the Texas Penal Code includes several different criminal offenses involving the taking of property from another person. Depending upon how the property is taken and its value at the time of the theft, a person committing an offense could face jail or prison time if convicted.  Theft Crimes Law A person commits a theft in Texas by taking property belonging to someone else with the...

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Texas Identity Theft: It Wasn’t Me

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Identity theft is a serious criminal offense in the state of Texas for which a person could be sentenced to serve time in a state jail. Because of the damage caused by this crime and the disruption it can create in a victim’s life, courts are empowered to order a defendant to pay restitution, attorney’s fees, lost income and other expenses to the person whose...

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Possible $10,000 Fine For Identity Theft

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Victims of identity theft can spend years restoring their credit and undoing the financial damage that can result from it. Texas is like most states in enacting laws to protect its citizens from people who prey upon others by stealing their identity. Identity Theft Laws in Texas The Texas Penal Code section 32.51 makes it a crime for someone to possess, use or transfer identifying information belong...

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Extortion: A Small Threat With Large Consequences

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Taking property belonging to person through threats of physical harm or harm to someone’s reputation could be the crime of extortion. Texas criminal laws categorize extortion as a theft under the offenses against property section of the Texas Penal Code. Extortion Under Texas Law Section 31.02 of the Texas Penal Code consolidated several criminal offenses under a single theft category. Crimes that were once treated as individual...

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