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Hindering a Secured Creditor: What It Is and What It Means

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Mintzer Law

Hindering a Secured Creditor in Texas Dealing with debt collectors in Texas can be a stressful situation. Creditors may demand that payments be made and, if the payments are not submitted on time, the creditors may threaten to repossess a person's property. In the United States, failure to repay a debt is not a crime. This means that a person cannot be charged, arrested or jailed...

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Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is It, and What Happens If You Break It?

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Mintzer Law

In the business world, companies can go to great lengths to protect their trade secrets. One of the most common legal ways that businesses protect their secrets is to establish a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement is a formal arrangement that is used to prevent employees from divulging important information, usually classified business information. For example, if a company is developing a new product, they may...

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6 Cybercrimes That Can Send You to Jail

Posted on October 29, 2014 by Mintzer Law

When you’re online, sometimes it seems like “anything goes.” You see people posting or emailing all sorts of websites, comments and pictures. Needless to say, some of the people sharing unsecured data don’t have your best interest in mind. Cybercrimes come in many varieties, but one thing they have in common is that they can get you arrested. About Cybercrimes “Cyber” refers to anything on the Internet....

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Your Handbag May be Fake: Top 5 Rip off Designer Handbags

Posted on October 1, 2014 by Mintzer Law

There’s something about the allure of a great deal that makes otherwise rational shoppers go a little bit “off the rails.” And if your penchant is for designer handbags, you are a prime target for that subset of sellers who would be happy to take your money in return for an “authentic” designer handbag that’s about as real as $3 bill. In fact, that designer purse,...

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Watch Out: The Police Are Gathering Embezzlement Evidence Right Now

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Mintzer Law

The presumption of innocence granted to the accused in criminal cases places the burden of proving guilt on the prosecution. Prosecutors must present evidence to convince the jurors that each element of the crime was committed by the individual who is on trial. The responsibility for gathering the evidence for the prosecutors to use in court falls upon the police. Proving the Crime of Embezzlement Embezzlement is...

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Tax Evasion: You May Avoid Prosecution with the Statue of Limitations

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Rarely do people run into someone who enjoys paying income taxes, and an even rarer occurrence is meeting someone who wants to pay more to the government in taxes than is required. Using legitimate methods such as allowable deductions and exemptions to reduce one's tax burden is not illegal. A person who engages in illegal methods to hide income or inflate deductions and exemptions is...

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Escape Identity Theft Charges with These Defense Strategies

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Mintzer Law

Because of the harm identity theft can inflict upon a victim, Texas is similar to other states in treating it as a serious criminal offense. Identity theft in Texas can be prosecuted as a state jail felony all the way up to a felony of the first degree depending upon the circumstances of the offense. Prosecutor's Advantage The laws give a slight edge to prosecutors by creating...

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Trademark Infringement Cases: What Evidence Will the Police Collect?

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Mintzer Law

The sale of goods or possession of goods bearing a fake or copied trademark is a form of trademark infringement that can put a person in prison with a felony record. Law enforcement agencies on the state and federal levels treat trademark infringement as a serious crime. In Texas, counterfeiting a trademark is a felony of the third degree punishable by imprisonment, a fine or...

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