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Hire an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Houston

In many cases, a person mistakenly believes that he cannot afford to hire a criminal lawyer when he is accused of committing a crime. He may quickly plead guilty to a crime that he has a valid defense for without giving it a second thought. However, criminal attorneys like Rand Mintzer are committed to providing exceptional legal service at fair and reasonable rates. There are many attorneys in Houston who charge lower rates that Rand Mintzer, but their clients ultimately get what they pay for – poor legal advice and bad case results. Rand Mintzer’s clients will receive affordable rates and get exceptional legal advice that is on par or better than the most experienced attorneys in the Houston area. Rand Mintzer will take the facts and circumstances that are involved in each individual’s case in order to determine the appropriate type of defense.

Free Consultation

Rand Mintzer provides clients with free and confidential initial consultations. During the first meeting, the prospective client has the opportunity to discuss the particular facts and circumstances of his case. Mr. Mintzer will then explain how the fees will be determined. He can provide an estimate of the fees that will likely be incurred if the client accepts a plea agreement or proceeds to trial. Rand Mintzer will provide each and every client with a high quality defense at a reasonable price.

Payment Plans

Lawyers with payment plans offer greater flexibility to clients. Rand Mintzer works with a variety of defendants who have a variety of income levels. However, whether the client has a six-figure income or receives minimum wage, Rand Mintzer provides affordable payment plans that will work within the client’s budget. By providing a variety of payment plans, Mr. Mintzer helps clients finance their legal fees. The defendant generally puts down an initial deposit and then receives a fair payment plan to pay the rest of the fees.

The Cost of a Criminal Lawyer

Every criminal defense case is different. The cost of legal fees is determined on a case-by-case basis. Several factors affect the total cost of fees that will be incurred, including:

  • Complexity of the case
  • Attorney experience
  • Difficulty in finding witnesses and evidence to support the client’s position
  • Amount of research and preparation necessary to adequately prepare for the case
  • Seriousness of the crime
  • Cost of discovery
  • Stage of the proceedings
  • Number of hours to defend the case, from start to finish

Although Rand Mintzer’s price varies for each case, due to the many factors mentioned above, his fees are always reasonable. Rand Mintzer works hard to provide top-notch legal service for all his clients, regardless of their financial situation, an affordable criminal lawyer is available.

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