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Federal Crimes

Houston Federal Crime Attorney

Rand Mintzer is a Houston federal criminal defense attorney who knows that federal criminal charges are usually more serious and the penalties more severe than criminal cases in state courts. Prosecutors in federal courts have the vast resources of the United States government at their disposal which make federal charges difficult to defend. If you are charged with committing a federal crime, you should hire a Houston federal crimes attorney immediately.


Types of Federal Crimes

A person charged with a federal crime needs an experienced Houston federal defense attorney. Federal criminal charges are serious and include:

If you are under investigation or if charges have already been filed, contact the law office of Houston federal defense lawyer Rand Mintzer: 713-862-8880.


When Do You Need a Federal Criminal Attorney?

Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agencies spend a lot of time investigating cases before presenting the evidence to a federal grand jury. Very often, people are aware that they are the subject of a federal criminal investigation but they decide to wait before hiring a federal defense lawyer in the belief that nothing will happen to them. Rand Mintzer has the experience defending people charged with federal crimes to know that it is a mistake to wait.

Federal laws give a person who is under investigation important rights that could be lost or jeopardized by waiting until after the prosecution presents the evidence to a grand jury. Hiring a Houston federal criminal defense attorney as soon as you are aware that you are the target of a federal investigation will give your attorney the advantage of fighting to protect your rights before formal charges have been filed.

Houston Federal Defense Attorney Knows the Consequences of a Conviction

Federal sentencing guidelines require that judges impose severe penalties including imprisonment upon people convicted of committing federal crimes. Unlike a person sentenced in a state court to serve time in prison federal prisons can be anywhere in the United States making it difficult for family, friends and loved ones to visit.


Contact a Houston Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are under investigation by the federal government, protect your rights by contacting the law office of Houston federal crimes defense lawyer Rand Mintzer at 713-862-8880.