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Financial Fraud

Houston Financial Fraud Lawyer

Investigations into allegations of financial fraud can ruin your reputation and destroy your professional career. If you are convicted of the charges, the punishment can include heavy fines, imprisonment or probation.

If you aware of a financial accounting fraud investigation pending against you, contacting a Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is important. Early involvement in a case allows a defense attorney to review the subject matter and scope of the investigation to determine the extent of the charges that might be filed. Early development of a defense strategy can help in challenging evidence supporting potential charges.

Representing Businesses Charged with Finance Fraud

Activities that can form the basis for fraudulent finance practices include:

Mismanagement money entrusted to you by investors or errors in financial statements can lead to an investigation. Allegations of financial accounting fraud can start with the discovery of mistakes made by a person responsible for a company’s financial accounts and other assets.

Penalties For Money Fraud

Historically, allegations of financial fraud were usually handled as civil cases filed against the offending corporations or corporate officers and directors. Law enforcement agencies have increased their financial fraud investigations with the result being more criminal prosecutions and convictions.

State and federal prosecutors routinely ask for the most severe penalties for those convicted of financial accounting fraud. Prison sentences combined with heavy fines and restitution orders are common sentences handed down by judges in Texas on those individuals convicted of committing fraud.

Fraud Defenses in Texas

Your criminal defense attorney must be knowledgeable and experienced enough to anticipate the methods employed by prosecutors to build and present the case against you. Financial fraud investigations and the prosecutions they generate are complex. Defending against the criminal charges generated by these investigations frequently requires the use of forensic accountants and financial analysts to sift through the evidence to design the best defense strategy.

Taking the time to investigate the allegations against you and prepare your defense is essential to challenging the evidence used by the prosecution. Weakening the evidence might lead to dismissal of the charges, reduced charges or a light sentence.

Defense Attorney Fighting For Legal Rights

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