Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated sexual assault is designated as a crime under Texas Penal Code section 22.021 when an individual commits a sexual assault in combination with one of the following factors:
  • The accused caused or threatened serious bodily injury or death (assault).
  • The accused acted as an accomplice to someone committing a sexual offense.
  • The victim is disabled, is elderly or is under 14 years of age.
  • The accused used a deadly weapon.
  • Certain designated intoxicants or controlled substances were used to subdue the alleged victim.

Houston Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney

Allegations of aggravated sexual assault can quickly destroy a person’s reputation, negatively affect family relationships and subject a person to harsh penalties.

If you have been accused of committing a  sex crime in Texas, you want an experienced aggravated sexual assault attorney standing at your side to protect your rights and liberty.


Aggravated Sexual Assault Defenses

Aggravated sexual assault lawyers such as Rand Mintzer know that an important element in
the prosecution of a charge of aggravated sexual assault is proof that the accused
committed the crime knowingly or intentionally. A defense strategy might focus
on challenging evidence that attempts to prove the accused made a conscious
decision to participate in the prohibited conduct. If successful, such a defense
strategy could lead to dismissal or a reduction of the charges.

Judges have the authority to increase the minimum prison sentence to 25 years if the victim of an aggravated sexual assault is under 14 years of age and any of these factors exist:

  • Use of a weapon
  • Administration of intoxicants or controlled substances
  • Threat of or infliction of serious bodily injury or death

Aggravated Sexual Assault Penalties

The punishment imposed upon a person convicted of the first-degree felony offense of aggravated sexual assault can be incarceration in a state prison for a minimum of five years up to a maximum of 99 years and fines not to exceed $10,000. When the victim is less than six years of age, the minimum prison sentence is 25 years and the maximum is 99 years to life.

In addition to incarceration and monetary penalties, Texas law imposes extra sex crimes penalties upon the person convicted of aggravated sexual assault. The convicted criminal must register with local law enforcement agencies as a sex offender. The offender’s name, current address, record of conviction and other information are available to the general public on the Internet through the state’s sex offender registry.


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