Trademark Counterfeiting

Houston Trademark Counterfeiting Charges Attorney

If you have been accused of trademark counterfeiting you could be facing a third-degree felony
charge and serious criminal consequences. Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law has more than 30
years of experience, thorough understanding of the law and ability to provide a creative and
aggressive defense to protect your rights and freedom.


Houston Counterfeit Handbag Sales Defense Lawyer

Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law, provides trademark counterfeiting charge defense to people accused of crimes such as the following:

  • Pirated DVD sales
  • Selling counterfeit Rolex watches, perfume and luggage
  • False marketing and sale of popular vacation lines and tours
  • Illegally copied CDs
  • Fake brand-name purse sales

Trademark infringement is a crime that many people get away with on a daily basis.

The difference is the level of effort put into the sales, including the quantity of the product and the amount of advertising and solicitation you pursue.

Because of this, penalties for these crimes can vary greatly according to the situation.


Houston defense attorney Rand Mintzer is focused on protecting your rights and minimizing or eliminating the penalties facing you. He builds a strong defense tailored to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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