Public Corruption Charges

Houston Public Corruption Charges Attorney

Allegations of corruption are not limited to just high-ranking public officials. Anyone working
as a government employee can be the target of public corruption charges at the state or
federal level. It is important when confronted by an investigation in possible political
wrongdoing, that a person be represented by a skillful public corruption lawyer
such as Rand Mintzer.

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Political Corruption Charges

Political corruption charges can be brought under both federal and state laws. Typical offenses arising from a public corruption investigation could include:

Investigations into government corruption frequently rely upon tips from people who are willing to provide evidence against other workers or public officials.

The criminal charges resulting from the investigations usually focus on breaches of the government official’s fiduciary duty or breaches of the public trust including oath of office violations.

Law enforcement officers can be vulnerable to false or maliciously motivated charges of public corruption due to the nature of their jobs and their relationship with the members of the public with whom they have contact.

A person might use a corruption allegation to retaliate against a police officer who arrested the person or a member of the person’s family.

Political Corruption Penalties

Because most political corruption cases are considered to be violations of a person’s oath of office,
prosecutors and sentencing judges treat them as serious violations of the law. Judges use
sentencing as an opportunity to send a message to deter other public servants and
government employees from engaging in the same or similar conduct.

Penalties for public corruption charges usually include a period of imprisonment followed by
supervised probation or parole. Other penalties could include substantial fines, community
service and, if the criminal acts involved the taking of money, restitution.

Defenses for Charges of Public Corruption

A public corruption charges lawyer must develop a defense strategy that attacks the strengths
of the prosecution’s case. The defense attorney must dig behind the allegations to discover if
they are motivated by politics or retaliation.

Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law, has built a reputation as a skilled and effective litigator in state and
federal criminal cases. This knowledge of the criminal justice system gives him an insight
into the techniques and methods employed by law enforcement agencies
and prosecutors to build and develop a corruption case.

Corruption allegations can have negative effects on an individual’s professional career and personal
life. Because he understands how important it is to achieve a resolution of criminal accusations
or to put an end to an on-going investigation, Mr. Mintzer acts quickly to
pursue all defenses that could help his client.


If you are a public official, public employer or law enforcement officer who is under investigation for corrupt behaviors, speak to Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law at 713-862-8880.

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