Juvenile Crimes

Houston Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Rand Mintzer is a juvenile defense attorney who knows that the juvenile justice system can be
confusing and intimidating for children and their parents. Children are afraid and
embarrassed while their parents may mistakenly believe that the juvenile process
does not have long-term consequences.

The experienced attorneys and staff with Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law know that even
minor infractions of the law can adversely affect a child’s future efforts to get a job or get into college.
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Types of Juvenile Offenses

Texas has a complex set of rules and laws to deal with criminal acts committed by children who are at
least 10 years of age but who have not reached their 17th birthday. Even non-criminal acts
such as truancy and running away from home can subject a child to the jurisdiction of
the juvenile court system.

Houston juvenile defense attorney should be contacted if your child has been arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency for:

Under certain circumstances children charged with violent crimes can be treated as adults.

Having an experienced juvenile defense lawyer who is knowledgeable of the laws and the rules of the Texas juvenile justice system is essential.

Houston Juvenile Defense Requires Special Skills

Adults charged with committing a crime are entitled to a trial by jury but a judge hears juvenile cases.
Houston juvenile defense attorney Rand Mintzer knows that special skills are required to
prepare a defense that takes into consideration the unique rules that exist in the Houston
juvenile justice system while protecting a child’s right against self-incrimination, the
right to challenge unlawful searches and seizures and other rights
guaranteed by the United States Constitution.


Early involvement of a Houston juvenile defense attorney is important. Juvenile cases can be diverted from court through a referral process that seeks to resolve cases without judicial intervention.

Working with law enforcement and prosecutors, an experienced juvenile defense lawyer may be able to help a child receive rehabilitation services instead of punishment.

If your child is under investigation by the police or if juvenile offense charges have been filed, contact Rand Mintzer at 713-862-8880.

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