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Defending Clients for More Than 35 Years

Rand Mintzer vigorously defends clients against many misdemeanor and felony charges (whether
that is a weapons charge, a violent sex crime, an assault or domestic violence accusation, fraud
or another crime).


Rand Mintzer’s entire career is dedicated to defending people who are accused of crimes at the local, state, or federal level.

Clients who go with large law firms are often lost in the shuffle. That is not the case with Rand Mintzer and his staff. Each client is as important as the next one in his eyes. He is well known for detailed preparation before going to court. He believes in keeping his clients up to date on all aspects of their cases. He will bring the best representation to court.

He brings over 35 years of experience to each client he represents. This experience allows him to handle cases of any complexity level. All of his clients benefit from the strong connections and reputation that he has in the legal world.

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