White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include:

Houston White Collar Lawyer

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes but are considered serious cases that are aggressively pursued by law enforcement and prosecutors.

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Houston White Collar Defense Strategies

Rand Mintzer is an experienced Houston white collar defense lawyer who knows that media
attention and aggressive prosecution of white collar crimes mean a criminal defense
attorney must be knowledgeable of the law and aggressive. As your defense attorney,
Rand Mintzer will discuss defense strategies designed to challenge the evidence
the prosecution intends to use at trial.

Houston white collar crimes cases are usually the subject of an extensive investigation process by law enforcement, including evidence gathered using some or all of the following methods:

  • Searches and seizures of evidence
  • Use of informants, including co-defendants
  • Witness interviews and statements
  • Interrogation of the accused
  • Electronic surveillance, including wiretaps

The attorneys and staff at the law office of Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law perform a thorough investigation of each white collar crime case they handle including reviewing details of the prosecution’s case with the accused, interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence favorable to the defense.

Where appropriate, Houston white collar defense attorney Rand Mintzer prepares motions asking the court to exclude or suppress illegally seized evidence such as statements of the accused and evidence gathered through improper electronic surveillance.

High Stakes in Houston White Collar Crimes Cases

White collar crimes in state or federal courts in Texas are serious and are treated as
such by law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts.

The penalties include:

  • Lengthy periods of incarceration in state or federal prison
  • Court ordered restitution
  • Probation
  • Heavy fines

The penalties imposed by the court for conviction of a Houston white collar crime are in addition to the embarrassment and public disgrace suffered by the accused and his family from the media attention associated with these cases.

Attorney Rand Mintzer realizes the impact white collar crimes can have on a person’s life. Rand Mintzer and his staff take the time to keep the client informed of the status of the case and are always available to answer questions or address concerns.


The prosecution has limitless resources at its disposal to bring white collar criminal charges against you. You need a Houston criminal defense attorney to stand by your side and wholeheartedly defend your rights. Contact Rand Mintzer today at713-862-8880.

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