Marijuana Charges

Houston Marijuana Charges Defense Attorney

People who hear their friends and the media refer to marijuana as a “recreational drug” forget
or do not realize that possession of as little as two ounces in Texas is a misdemeanor
punishable by incarceration, probation supervision, fines or loss of driving privileges.
A conviction for possession of marijuana in Houston will result in a criminal record
that can prevent a person from getting a job, living in certain areas and pursuing
higher education. Contacting a marijuana defense attorney like Rand Mintzer
will help reduce or dismiss the consequences of a drug charge.  Call Rand
at 713-862-8880 today.


Having an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney representing you is essential if you have been arrested or are under investigation for any of the following marijuana offenses:

  • Possession
  • Cultivation
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution, sale or delivery
  • Distribution or sale to a child

Possible Offenses of Marijuana Charges

Law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts treat marijuana offenses very seriously. Rand Mintzer is a knowledgeable and experienced Houston drug attorney who understands the consequences a marijuana conviction can have on a person’s life and family. He knows that investigating the facts and circumstances of the marijuana case in its earliest stages can be an advantage to the accused.

  • Incarceration in jail or state prison
  • Probation supervision
  • Steep fines
  • Suspension of a driver’s license
  • Attendance at mandatory drug education classes
  • The stigma of a criminal record

Consequences of a Houston Marijuana Conviction

Contrary to its popular label as a recreational drug, the consequences of a conviction for possessing, distributing, selling or trafficking marijuana can be severe.

How a Houston Marijuana Defense Attorney Can Help

Marijuana arrests usually involve a search of a suspect or vehicle and the seizure of evidence.
The experts at Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law take the time to explain to
clients accused of a crime involving marijuana that the Constitution protects
people from unreasonable search and seizures. Rand Mintzer has the knowledge
of criminal laws acquired from 28 years as a Houston trial
attorney to know when to challenge the evidence in
order to dismiss or reduce charges of his clients.

Even when the prosecution case is strong, an experienced Houston criminal attorney with
knowledge of the marijuana laws in Texas may be able to negotiate with the court and
prosecution for sentence reductions or entry into diversion
programs that can avoid a criminal record.


Marijuana charges are serious and require the services of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney.

If you are facing marijuana charges, contact Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law at 713-862-8880.

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