Election Code Violations

Houston Election Code Violation Lawyer

Conduct that impedes or interferes with the electoral process or with those participating in the
process is a crime under the election code in Texas. State and local law enforcement officials
and prosecutors treat voting law violations as serious offenses. If you are accused of a voter
violation or precinct election violation, be aware that penalties for a conviction
can include incarceration in a state prison or state jail.

Voting Misconduct Violations

  • Influencing or attempting to influence a person by intimidation or coercion to not seek a place on the ballot or as a write-in candidate for public office
  • Unlawfully delivering a voter registration certificate to an applicant
  • Voting or attempting to vote knowing the person is not eligible to vote
  • Voting more than once in an election
  • Marking another person’s ballot without permission of the other person
  • Providing false information to obtain an early voting ballot
  • Knowingly or intentionally removing or attempting the removal of the contents of a ballot box in a manner other than as authorized by law
  • Buying, selling, offering to buy or offering to sell official ballots or other election records

Election laws prohibit people working at polling places in Houston from divulging information about how people vote in an election.

A precinct election violation occurs when a person who is not at a polling place to vote communicates information about how someone voted.

Contribution and Expenditure Violations

  • Corporation or labor union contributions made during a recall election
  • Loans by a corporation to a candidate for election, an officeholder or a political campaign committee
  • Contributions by corporations and labor unions within 60 days of a general election for state and county officers

Retaliation Against a Voter

Voting laws prohibit a person from retaliating against a voter for voting for or against a particular candidate or ballot item. It is also a violation of the law to harm or threaten to harm a voter or to threaten the voter with loss of employment or a reduction in wages based on how the person voted. A person committing this offense can be charged with a felony of the third degree.


The state of Texas takes precinct election violation very seriously. If you have been charged with committing voter violations, then call Rand Mintzer at 713-862-8880.

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