Felony Crimes

Houston Felony Crimes Lawyer

The Texas Penal Code divides crime into misdemeanors and felonies. Whether the charge is a
misdemeanor or a felony, being accused of a crime is unsettling, to say the least. When
someone becomes the subject of a criminal investigation, it’s never too early to hire
an experienced Houston felony crimes attorney. A knowledgeable defense lawyer
possesses the legal skills to safeguard a defendant’s constitutional rights
and prepare an effective defense.

Potential Penalties for Felony Crimes

Felony charges are generally more serious in nature than misdemeanor charges.
The consequences associated with a felony conviction can be harsh and
life-altering. Felonies are divided into five categories, with a capital felony
being the most serious offense.

A misdemeanor conviction is bad enough, but a felony conviction is far worse. The state of Texas has established the following penalties for felons:

  • State jail felony: Up to two years in a state jail
  • Third-degree felony: Two to 10 years in prison
  • Second-degree felony: Two to 20 years in prison
  • First-degree felony: Five to 99 years in prison
  • Capital felony: The death penalty or life imprisonment without parole

A convicted felon may also have to pay heavy fines, up to $10,000 in most cases.

If a person is convicted of a severe drug crime, the fines may escalate to several hundred thousand dollars.

In addition, felons lose a number of civil rights and privileges, such as the rights to vote, own a firearm, serve on a jury and hold public office.

Defending Against Felony Accusations

Under Texas’ “three strikes” law, repeat offenders are subject to increased punishment.
In fact, a third felony conviction can bring about a prison sentence of 30 years to life.
Any violent or serious felony conviction, especially crimes that cause harm to others,
can be counted as a strike under the law.

An experienced felony defense attorney may be able to negotiate a client’s felony charges
down to a misdemeanor during a court hearing. Every case has flaws, and
it’s the role of a Houston felony lawyer to find them.


Locating a skilled criminal defense attorney is vital when someone is charged with a crime. Houston attorney Rand Mintzer has the expertise and experience to act decisively on behalf of anyone who is a suspect in a misdemeanor or felony case.

Not only does a felony charge have the potential to destroy a defendant’s reputation and future, substantial fines and time in prison are possible. Start planning your defense today by calling Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law, at 713-862-8880.

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