ALR Hearings

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In Texas, the driver’s license of a person charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) will be
automatically suspended 40 days after arrest. This suspension is required by law and is
purely administrative, meaning that it has to happen regardless of the case’s status.
There is, however, a clause in the state law that allows the accused to keep driving
while the court tries the case. This provision is referred to as an administrative
license revocation
(ALR) hearing.

An ALR hearing is conducted by the court that has jurisdiction over the DWI charge. An ALR hearing gives a person the opportunity to argue that:

  • He or she does not pose a significant danger to public safety and should be permitted to drive
  • Suspension of his or her driving privileges would cause significant personal hardships

What is an ALR hearing?

An ALR is not required by the courts or the Department of Public Safety. In other words, the accused must request an ALR hearing while his or her DWI case makes its way through the court system. An ALR hearings lawyer like Rand Mintzer can help a person fight for his privilege to drive.

How does one request an ALR hearing?

A person has 15 days, starting from the arrest date, to request an ALR hearing.
The failure to do so will result in his or her license being suspended 40 days
after arrest. During the hearing, the accused should be abetted by a lawyer
who has experience in all dimensions of DWI cases. Houston criminal defense
 Rand Mintzer will do all that he can to guarantee a
positive outcome for your ALR hearing.


Attorney Rand Mintzer has over 30 years of experience in all manners of criminal law, including DWI. When you are charged with DUI crimes, one of your first tasks should be to hire a knowledgeable, aggressive lawyer to help you maintain your driving privileges. Contact Rand Mintzer, Houston ALR attorney, today by calling 713-862-8880 and get a free legal consultation.

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