Terrorist Threats

Houston Terroristic Threat Charge Attorney

If you are facing terroristic threat charges, take an important step toward protecting your rights by
contacting an experienced Houston defense attorney. Put Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law on your
side. With more than 30 years of experience defending violent offenses he will give you the effective
representation you need and deserve. Have you been arrested for or charged with threatening violence?
Call Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law at 713-862-8880 today for your free initial consultation.

Rand Mintzer has developed creative and effective strategies for handling terrorist threat charges involving:
  • Threatening individuals in writing or over the phone
  • Threatening harm to a child or family member
  • Sending threatening e-mail messages
  • Violating orders of protection
  • Blackmailing individuals for personal gain
  • Fighting

Penalties of a Terroristic Threats

Penalties in these cases depend on the threat and the likelihood of carrying out the threat. As a Houston terroristic threat charge lawyer, Rand Mintzer asks the questions that can minimize the penalties and protect your rights, your freedom and your future. Did you really mean to threaten the other person? Was the threat serious or something you said out of anger? Did the accuser truly believe you would take action, or are they using the accusation as revenge?

Additionally, Rand Mintzer is focused on working with the police and prosecution to find alternatives to jail and other serious penalties. For example, he will suggest anger management courses if he believes that is what will lead to a favorable outcome. The goal of Rand Mintzer is to secure the best possible result for you.


If you have been arrested for and charged with making terroristic threats, call Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law today at 713-862-8880 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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