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A person commits robbery if he does any of the following while he steals an item:
  • Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly injures another person
  • Intentionally or knowingly threatens another person
  • Puts someone else in a situation that could likely result in injury or death
A person can be charged with aggravated robbery if he steals the property of another person and:
  • Causes serious injury to someone else
  • Uses or shows a deadly weapon
  • Threatens an individual who is disabled or older than 65 years of age

Being charged with robbery is a serious matter. The punishments of a conviction can vary greatly and are based on the particular circumstances of a case.

A robbery accusation can also arise because of a variety of situations.

When a person is charged with a serious offense like robbery, he or she should contact a diligent criminal defense attorney like Rand Mintzer who is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of defendants.

Robbery is a charge that combines theft and violent crime. The definition of this crime is included in Title 7 of the Texas Penal Code.

Possible Punishments for a Conviction

Robbery is charged as a second-degree felony. Someone who is convicted of a second-degree
felony faces severe punishments, including a prison sentence between two and 20
years and a fine of up to $10,000. A person who is found guilty of committing
aggravated robbery faces up to 99 years in prison in addition to criminal fines.


Defending Against Allegations

A prosecutor must prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest
threshold that exists in the court system. For example, if a robbery suspect caused bodily
injury to a victim, the prosecutor must show that the suspect intentionally, knowingly or
recklessly caused the injury. This means that if the person was accidentally injured,
the prosecutor may not be able to establish this element of the crime.

If the defendant was an unknowing or unwilling participant in the crime, the charges against him
may be dropped. For instance, if the defendant rode in the same vehicle as the actual robber,
and it can be proven that he was not aware of the perpetrator’s plan to break the law, he may
go free. In many cases, an experienced robbery attorney like Rand Mintzer may be able to
negotiate a plea agreement for a defendant if he is willing to cooperate with prosecutors. A
plea agreement may also be negotiated if the suspect’s defense lawyer believes that the
prosecution does not have enough evidence to establish every element of the alleged crime.


Rand Mintzer is a criminal defense attorney who has many years of knowledge and experience. He has successfully defended clients for over 30 years, so he is an expert on the Texas legal system. If you have been accused of committing robbery or aggravated robbery, Mr. Mintzer can help you fight for your rights and freedom.

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