Domestic Violence

Houston Domestic Violence Attorney

It all starts with an argument over some petty or insignificant issue. The argument escalates into
a violent confrontation that ends with the police making an arrest. This is when the
knowledgeable Houston domestic violence attorney Rand Mintzer
should be contacted.

Domestic Violence Penalties

A domestic violence conviction can result in confinement to jail or prison, a term of probation
and monetary fines. It can even prevent the offender from being allowed to
have contact with family members and loved ones.

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are serious but few people realize how wide
ranging those consequences can be. It affects a person’s employment just as much as it affects a
person’s family and personal life. A person who is licensed to carry a firearm as a
requirement of employment could have the license revoked as a result
of a domestic violence conviction.

For a free consultation on your domestic violence case,
call Rand Mintzer today: 713-862-8880.

Aggressive Domestic Violence Defense

He utilizes every available resource to aggressively defend the rights of the person accused of domestic violence, including:

  • Medical Experts
  • Eyewitnesses
  • Character Witnesses

Rand Mintzer is a domestic violence attorney in Houston who has experience handling domestic violence cases, and knowledge of all aspects of Texas domestic violence laws.

Rand Mintzer understands what is at stake for a person charged with family violence and takes the time to fully investigate each case to prepare the most effective defense strategy.

Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence charges can also be brought involving incidents between:

  • current or former members of the same family or household
  • individuals related by blood or marriage
  • couples currently or formerly married
  • parents of the same child, without regard to marriage
  • foster child and foster parent
  • individuals in a romantic or intimate dating relationship with each other

More people are facing Houston domestic violence charges because of the expansion of the definition of what constitutes a “family” under Texas law.

Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law knows that domestic violence incidents are not just between people related by blood or affinity.


Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law understands the concerns his clients have when facing a family violence charge and takes the time to discuss all aspects of the case with them. This includes reviewing defense strategies, such as self-defense; keeping them informed of all developments in the case and fully explaining options available to them, such as going to trial or plea bargaining for a reduced sentence.

For the person facing a charge involving a family offense or family violence, the Houston domestic violence lawyer to contact for professional and knowledgeable representation is Rand Minter at 713-862-8880.

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