Animal Cruelty

Houston Animal Cruelty Attorney

Animal cruelty charges may seem like “no big deal” but in reality these charges
are taken very seriously in Texas. You can be fined or placed in jail for
endangering the life of an animal.

Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law brings more than 30 years of experience to your defense.
He can put together a strong and aggressive defense based on a
thorough understanding of the law.

Are you facing charges for animal cruelty? Call Rand Mintzer today at
 713-862-8880 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Uncovering the Truth in Cruelty to Animal Cases

Animal cruelty charges are sometimes emotion-based acts with little merit and actual facts behind them.
As your Houston animal cruelty lawyer, Rand Mintzer will help uncover the truths
that can clear your record and protect your freedom.

  • Did someone fail to take care of your dog while you were on vacation?
  • Did your animal have an unknown congenital disease or infection?
  • Is your pet naturally thin?
  • Are you struggling to pay your bills or feed your children, let alone get blood work on your pet?

In building your defense, Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law thoroughly investigates the situation. His experts consult with veterinarians on the animal’s medical records and get autopsy reports that can reveal underlying issues.

Mr. Mintzer reviews police reports to determine whether you were given proper time to take care of the animal before they made the arrest. Rand Mintzer’s experience working with animal cruelty cases may lead to a dismissal of your case.


Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law is dedicated to protecting clients charged with animal cruelty and neglect. Call 713-862-8880 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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