Child Pornography

Houston Child Pornography Lawyer

Texas and federal laws against child pornography can subject a person to harsh penalties including
incarceration in prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. A conviction for possession or
distribution of child pornography can cost you your job and destroy your family relationships.
You need to act quickly to protect your reputation.

Early formulation of a defensive strategy is essential to investigate and pursue potential defenses including:

  • Other people having access to the computer
  • False accusations stemming from divorce or child custody proceedings
  • Accidental downloading or spam email
  • Simulations mistaken for actual depiction of a child

A Houston Child Pornography Defensive Strategies

If have been charged with or are under investigation for possession or distribution of child pornography, you must immediately contact a knowledgeable and aggressive Houston child pornography lawyer at Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law.

Child pornography cases are usually based on evidence obtained from your computer after it has been seized by law enforcement.

Child Pornography Penalties Are Serious

  • Incarceration in state prison
  • Large fines
  • Intensive probation supervision
  • Mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender

Judges also have the authority to place restrictions on the ability of a person convicted of possession or distribution of child pornography to be with children.

Houston Child Pornography Defense

As an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney, Rand Mintzer knows that the use of evidence in a child pornography prosecution may be challenged on the way in which it was obtained by the police. An illegal search of your home or place of business can be attacked in court by your defense attorney. A defense challenge to the seizure of your computer may result in a judge refusing to allow evidence taken from the computer to be used against you by the prosecution.

Houston child pornography attorney Rand Mintzer works hard to challenge the prosecutor’s case against you. His knowledge and understanding of the Texas and federal child pornography laws allows Rand Mintzer to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that may be exploited to win a dismissal or reduction of the charges filed against you.


If you are charged with distribution or possession of child pornography, you need to contact an experienced child pornography attorney immediately. Rand Mintzer brings more than 30 years of experience to the court room to fight on your behalf.

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