Houston Expunction Attorney

If you have a criminal record, it is very important for you to hire a criminal lawyer who can help
reduce the stress associated with background checks by obtaining a criminal record expunction
or order for non-disclosure. People are often submitted to a criminal history or background
check when finding housing, applying for benefits or getting a job. Even the general population
has access to public records that may reveal details about criminal
cases that were dropped or dismissed.

What is an Expunction?

Texas law allows for a legal expunction or “expungement” that erases any record of a past arrest.
With an expungement, it is possible for all public records related to an arrest
in the state of Texas to be erased or destroyed.

When an expunction is granted by the court, it is not necessary to divulge either the arrest or the
order itself. The one exception would be offering testimony in a criminal proceeding.

Texas law allows expungement of a misdemeanor or felony charge if the petitioner:

  • Was arrested, but not charged
  • Was charged, but found not guilty
  • Was found guilty, but was later acquitted
  • Was a victim of mistaken identity (someone else was arrested under a petitioner’s name)
  • Was pardoned by the governor or the president
  • Had his case dismissed
  • Had his case dismissed after serving deferred disposition

The purpose of expunction is to remove any reference to an event from any governmental database or law enforcement court. The beneficiary of an expungement can legally deny that an arrest or charge ever occurred.

There’s never enough time to get a record expungement when the right job comes along, so it’s best to petition for an expunction before you need it.

Moreover, the law that provides for legal expungement could be changed at any time. A Houston expungement attorney can help you out.


A qualified Houston lawyer can file a signed petition in district court to initiate expunction proceedings. The petition will be served on any governmental agency that possesses a record of the relevant criminal event. A hearing will then be conducted in district court to determine whether the request should be granted.

Rand Mintzer is a knowledgeable expungement attorney who proudly serves the Houston area. He believes that it’s never too early to clean up a messy criminal record. Contact Mr. Mintzer today at 713-862-8880 to get a confidential consultation and evaluation of your case. There’s no reason to allow the future to be tainted by the past.

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