It May Be Legal In Nevada But It Is A Felony In Texas: Prostitution

Effective September 1, 2021, a first time prostitution charge changed from a class B misdemeanor to a state jail felony.  Stated another way, the maximum punishment range jumped from 180 days in County Jail to two years in State Jail.  In Harris County, you would serve 60 of those 180 days and in State Jail, you would serve day for day.  Please note that I stated the maximum punishment,  you may be eligible for  probation or bargain for less time.  The increase in punishment is a reflection of the changing view of prostitution.  Even though a prostitute is breaking the law and will be charged for selling sex, they are being perceived as a victim by the legislature, courts and prosecutors.  Those purchasing sex are perceived as exploiters.

Prostitution is a crime of moral turpitude. Both a crime of moral turpitude and a felony can wreak havoc with a professional licence. A common misconception is that one cannot be charged for the crime of prostitution if a physical act did not take place.  This is simply wrong.  Prostitution is nothing more than an agreement, sex for something of value.  If you find yourself charged with prostitution or any other sex crime, please call me at 713-862-8880.