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Guns & Weapons

Houston Guns & Weapons Attorney

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right to bear arms in Texas but it also left it up to the states to set reasonable rules and regulations for how and when a person can own and carry a gun. Prosecutors are aggressively pursuing Houston gun and weapons charges. If you think you might be facing criminal charges then contact experienced Houston gun and weapons defense attorney Rand Mintzer to fight for your rights. 

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Consequences of Houston Gun and Weapons Charges

Texas law makes gun and weapons charges misdemeanors and felonies. A person charged with illegal weapons charges in Houston faces severe penalties, including:

  • Confinement to jail or prison
  • Probation supervision
  • Fines

A criminal conviction for gun and weapons charges results in a criminal record that can follow you the rest of your life and make it difficult or impossible to obtain certain types of employment or obtain professional licenses. A Houston gun and weapons attorney will work on your behalf to protect your rights and your future.


Houston Gun and Weapons Crimes

Houston criminal defense attorney Rand Mintzer has the experience handling guns and weapons charges to know the variety of charges law enforcement and prosecutors can file against a person. Rand Mintzer and his staff have the knowledge and training to handle all types of gun and weapons charges, including:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Illegal possession of a concealed weapon
  • Gun permit violations
  • Unlawful sale of guns and other weapons
  • Use of a gun or other weapon in a threatening manner
  • Firearms violations at airports and other restricted places

Gun and Weapons Charges Aggressively Defended

Houston gun and weapons charges often involve illegal searches by law enforcement which can result in the unlawful seizure of evidence. Rand Mintzer, Attorney at Law knows the law and has over two decades experience investigating criminal cases.

He knows how to formulate a defense strategy that will challenge weaknesses in the prosecutor’s gun and weapons case against you. His aggressive defense tactics can result in dismissal of charges or a reduction in the charges and penalties.


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The prosecution will thoroughly investigate and aggressively pursue illegal guns and weapons charges. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively stand up for your rights and defend you at all stages from investigation through trial. Call or contact attorney Rand Mintzer at 713-862-8880.