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Illegal Online Gambling

Houston Illegal Online Gambling Attorney

Gambling is extremely popular in the state of Texas and throughout the United States. Online gambling is an easy way to play a little poker or place a wager on a professional or college game. Nevertheless, betters and website operators can be charged with a criminal offense under federal, state or local gambling laws for involvement in an illegal gambling operation. When a suspect is charged with a crime for placing or taking a bet, the legal representation of an experienced Houston-area illegal gambling lawyer is highly recommended.

Federal Wire Wager Act

The penalties for an illegal gambling conviction are stiff. Residents of the Houston area should speak with an online gambling lawyer prior to placing or taking a bet online. Internet gambling laws are complicated and difficult to interpret. Both the operators and customers of an illegal wagering business are at risk of being imprisoned and fined.

The United States Department of Justice has determined that the Wire Wager Act prohibits use of the Internet to place online bets, even if the gambling operation is located offshore. Placing a bet online could result in one or more of the following federal criminal charges:

  • Money laundering
  • Using wire communications for the purpose of placing a bet
  • Importing lottery tickets
  • Owning or participating in an illegal gambling business
  • Fraud such as tax fraud charges

Online Gaming

When it comes to online gambling and Internet casinos, where you live can make a big difference. Some states limit the games that are legal and the prizes that can be offered to online customers. Online gaming may also be governed by local gambling ordinances. As if state and local gambling laws aren’t confusing enough, federal law may take precedence over state and local ordinances.

The Federal Wire Wager Act has been used to prosecute illegal online gambling. Once again, it’s wise to consult with an illegal online gambling lawyer before establishing a gaming website or placing online bets. Violation of federal gambling laws can result in a lengthy prison sentence, fines and forfeiture of assets.

The laws and legal precedents related to Internet gambling are fairly new. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that placing a bet with a gaming operation is legal. When an online gambling business, bookmaker or player becomes the subject of an illegal gambling investigation, they need the assistance of an illegal online gambling lawyer with experience representing defendants in court.

Request Help From an Illegal Online Gambling Attorney

An illegal gambling suspect should never speak with law enforcement officials. Always request that a qualified attorney be present during questioning. For all illegal gambling issues in the Houston area, contact Rand Mintzer at 713-862-8880 for a complimentary case evaluation.