The best attorney you want to have on your side

I just want to say that Mr. Rand Mintzer is a very good attorney who would represent you to the fullest. When I first met Mr. Mintzer he was honest with me. He understood what was going on with my case. He is not your typical attorney. He made me feel good about myself and explain every one of us makes mistakes in our lives one way or the other. He ensured me that things will get better. I went to talk with other attorneys but it was something he said that made me come back to him and I’m so glad I did. During the trial, he was a very professional and he really got the attention of the court. He shot straight with me explained everything and I understood. He said that if he can’t get my case dropped then he will work to get the least amount handed to me. And he did. He is one of the best attorneys out there. I highly recommend him.