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Case Results

Rand Mintzer’s aggressive representation gets his clients results. Here are just a few examples of how Rand provides the best possible defense.


Client met prostitute (undercover policewoman) in a hotel. Agreed to services and price.
Result: Dismissed

Indecency With a Child

Uncle accused of inappropriately touching his niece. He was a sex offender having previously been convicted of rape.
Result: Jury verdict of Not Guilty


Client accused of raping wife while they were separated.
Result: Dismissed

Possession of Child Pornography

Client accused of having multiple pornographic images of children.
Result: Dismissed

Possession of Marijuana

Client give police permission to search his car, where marijuana is found.
Result: Dismissed

Child Endangerment, 2 counts

Uncle fell asleep at sister-in-law’s house, she told the police he was supposed to be watching the children. Two children that were under 5 got out of the house and were playing on the highway.
Result: Dismissed


Client left a bar in the village driving erratically and failed all field sobriety tests.
Result: Jury verdict of Not Guilty

Failure to Stop and Give Information

Client backs into a parked truck, causing $1,600.00 worth of damage and leaves.
Result: Dismissed

Felony Assault of a Family Member

Charged as a habitual offender, client accused of beating his wife and stepson.
Result: No Billed by Grand Jury

Theft (state jail)

Client’s personal bills were paid electronically by employer using employer’s routing and account number.
Result: Dismissed


Client charged into neighbor’s house after neighbor called the police on him.
Result: Dismissed

Animal Cruelty

While out of town, clients dogs were not fed and starved to death.
Result: Dismissed

Animal Cruelty

Client, who was distracted with personal problems, did not pay attention to dog, who lost 2 legs from neglect. There was a second dog that the state alleges was neglected as well.
Result: After a PSI hearing, client received 2 years deferred adjudication probation with 3 weekends in jail as a condition. The state asked for the maximum penalty of one year on each offense.