The 4 Most Important Tips to Avoid Being Busted With Drugs in the Car

A nerve-wracking experience for some people is when they are pulled over, and they have drugs in their vehicle. Although this is rarely the reason that an officer pulls someone over, many drivers begin to act erratically. This kind of behavior can cause them to be found with drugs and arrested. Although this time is stressful, and many people have the urge to flee, there are certain ways a person can make this interaction quick and friendly without anyone being the wiser.


Try Not to Overreact

One of the most basic things that a driver needs to remember is that the officer likely pulled him or her over for some reason other than drugs. With this in mind, a driver needs to remain calm during the traffic stop and not give the officer a reason to search the vehicle. It is often suspicious behavior, such as reaching behind or under seats, which leads to searches and unnecessary drug charges.


Reserve the Right to Say No

If an officer asks to search the vehicle, simply tell them no. Unless they have a justified reason, officers will have to respect this wish and let the driver go. The only time that an officer can override this request is if they feel they are in danger. Even if a driver says no, officers can still use drug-sniffing dogs to search the exterior of the vehicle. Some states also allow officers to search a car for the smallest of reasons, once again reinforcing the notion that the driver must always act as though nothing is wrong.


Do Not Admit to Ownership of the Drugs

Even if an officer is almost positive there are drugs in the car, the driver should remain silent. Even if the drugs are found under the seat, officers must be able to link the drugs to the driver in the court room. By not admitting to owning the drugs or even knowing the drugs were there, the driver stands a better chance of building a strong defense.


Know Your Rights

When a person knows their rights, they are much more confident in their actions. Taking the time to learn what an officer can and can’t do is the best way to remain calm in this type of situation. The three golden rules a driver should follow when pulled over are:

  • Keep calm and stay relaxed
  • Say no to any search requests by officers
  • Be silent about the drugs if they are located by police

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